Performance Surf Coaching with Video Analysis

Performance Surf Coaching by Special Surf 78 is a training program aimed at all surfers who want to improve their surfing level and is designed for intermediate and advanced surfers, using video analysis and photo correction.

Advantadge of Video and Photo Correction

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

It's a perfect tool to improve your surfing technique. It allows you to have feedback/technical corrections from your teacher/surf coach via the visualization and analysis of your performance during and after the surf session, in accordance with the best pedagogical and didactical practices. The sessions are divided as following:

  • Observation during the lesson - It will allow you to observe your performance and get feedbacks, and then to immediately return to the waves in order to apply the technical corrections shown by the surf teacher/coach.
  • Watching the video at the end of the session - More detailed reflection on aspects to be improved, strengths and finally recommendations.

    Note: Later you will receive videos of your surf sessions for free.

Pre-requisites to join this class/training

These trainings ARE NOT just for surfers who want to compete, or who already compete. Any person who wants to improve its surfing skills should make use our technical-training program.

Check here the requirements to join this training program:
- You already feel comfortable in the sea
- You can already catch waves to break independently.
– You know how to perform front side* and back side* turns (turns to the right side and to the left side of the wave).
You can correctly use the see current to reach the line-up more easily.


With professional and specialized support, we maximize your potential in the water. There we work on techniques and movements, and new maneuvers approaches.

  • Identification of the different types of beaches/waves (surf spots) and their particular characteristics (swell and wind direction, tides and currents).
  • Identification of basic surfing maneuvers
  • Knowledge of different surf equipment, namely different types of boards and their usefulness for different types of waves.
  • Priority rules in relation to other surfers;
  • Techniques of passing through the waves with the board, (duck dive*) in waves with more strength and size;
  • Correct positioning in the line-up and the ability, consistency and autonomy to catch more waves to break (green waves);
  • Techniques to improve the quality of paddling;
  • Performance surfing/type of surfing maneuvers, to be performed in different types of waves/surf spots/beaches;
  • Learn and improve the technique of basic surfing maneuvers/movements; (increase speed on wave/triming*,*, botton-turn*, cut back*);
  • Learn and improve the technique of advanced surfing maneuvers/movement: top-turns/off-the-lip*, roundhouse cutback*, floater*, tube riding*, aerial*);
  • Technical analysis of surfing maneuvers/surfing movements, with varying angles and trajectories;
  • Training of psychological skills in the face of the new context of surfing in waves with more size and strength.

Click on the link; tricks-and-maneuvers to see the description of the technique of surfing tricks/movement

Location of classes

Surfing in Peniche is a perfect and unique experience in Portugal for all levels of surfers, because of the variety of beaches/surf spots that allow high quality surfing every day of the year. With our knowledge of " true local surfers" we will select the best beaches/"surf spots" (according to sea and wind conditions), to allow you to access the best waves that will help you to develop your surfing level.