We have longboards and shortboards of different sizes, thicknesses and shapes for all levels of ability (beginner, intermediate, experienced, and advanced).
High-quality surf wetsuits of different sizes that fit all sorts of people. They protect you from the cold and are flexible, giving you greater freedom of movement while you surf.
We can advise on the beaches that are best for you level of ability, and explain the currents, the best tides, and the winds.

Aluguer de prancha de surf e fato (surfboard and wetsuit)

Se não tem a certeza sobre que tipo de material alugar numa primeira análise, durante um breve diálogo com o cliente e através da nossa elevada experiência como instrutores de surf e surfistas locais com vasta experiência em todos os spots de surf em Peniche e arredores, permite-nos aconselhá-lo corretamente sobre o tipo de prancha que deve usar. Aconselhamo-lo qual a praia que oferece as melhores condições no dia específico que procura, bem como a que melhor se adapta ao seu nível de surf, explicando em qualquer contexto as características particulares das praias, nomeadamente as correntes, as melhores marés, ventos e outras particularidades.

Fibre boards

Epoxy EPS (expanded polystyrene) surf boards


coated in a soft material, this surf board is suitable for beginners

Body boards

Stand-up paddle (SUP) boards

Surf wetsuits of different brands and thicknesses

Our rental periods are 2 hours, half a day, and full day, with special prices for rentals longer than 1 day and for groups/families.

If you are unsure about what equipment to rent, our experience as surf instructors and surfers helps us advise you on the type of board you should use.

Road and Mountain Bike Rental

Besides surfing equipment, the school provides road and mountain bikes so you can discover this magical peninsula of Peniche and Baleal. We can also help you plan where to visit, but it's your call!!!

Skateboard and Protective Gear Rental

We also rent out skateboards and suitable protection (longboard, carver, standard models) and can tell you about skateparks in and around Peniche. However, you don't need to go very far: right across from the surf school there is a 6km cycle route connecting Peniche and Baleal. As you practice, you will discover new places.