"waves in every corner, 365 days per year"
oncome to an adventure and don't miss the opportunity to surf in the best “surfspots” of Peniche.

The knowledge acquired for more than 30 years gives us the experience and knowledge to find the right places to surf("surfspots") like no one else in the Peniche region. We will help you to explore challenging waves in a safe manner, with the knowledge that only "real local surfers” can offer.

How the “surf guiding” works with special surf 78

  • We first take your surfing level into consideration

  • Our coaches will carefully assess the sea and wind conditions (size and direction of the waves, speed and direction of the wind, height of the tides, surf spots less populated by surfers).

  • We will brign you to the “surfspots” in the Peniche region that features best surfing conditions.
  • Upon arrival at the surf spot, you will receive a briefing on the particular characteristics of such “surfspot”, where we will then explain the water currents entering the sea and show you how to avoid potential risks.
  • The surf coach will then give you the support that you need;
    • Going into the sea with you, to help you gain confidence, for being in a “new” surfing spot, and also to give you technical corrections.
    • Our surf guide, can stay on the beach sand and record the moment, filming your surf session and also help you technically. * Plus Performance Surf Coaching service fee.
    • Or just help you with whatever else you want, with us everything is possible
  • Duration
    • A surf session lasts 2 hours.

We are probably in the best strategic location for surfing in Peniche, which facilitates our movement in the Peniche surf region both north and south, and allow us to reach the “surf spots” quickly, conveniently and with all the comfort needed for a pleasant experience.

In this “surf guide” service, your wish is a command, talk to us and book our service