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surfboard wetsuit rentals

The perfect location to rent your surf gear. It is convenient and practical. After renting equipment at our school, in 5 minutes you are catching the first wave, if you do not adapt to the material you rented, you can quickly return to school and exchange for another without any embarrassment of wasted time.

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Surfboards & wetsuits

Rentals are available for 2 hours, half a day, 1 day and special prices for rentals of more than 1 day as well as for groups.

 We have at your disposal wetsuits of various sizes and thicknesses, as well as BB Paddle boards and fiber, epoxy or softboards with different sizes, thicknesses, liters and shapes for all surfing levels (begginer, intermedium, advanced and expert). All to find your ideal equipment and get ready to surf the crystal clear and famous waves of Peniche.

If you are unsure about what type of material to rent, upon initial consideration, during a short dialogue with the client and through our high experience as genuine surf coaches and local surfers with extensive experience across all surf spots in Peniche and surroundings, allow us to advise you correctly on the type of board you should use. We will advise you which beach offers the best conditions on the specific day you are looking for, as well as the beach that best adapts to your level of surfing, explaining in any context the particular characteristics of the beaches, including currents, optimal tide to surf, winds and other particularities.

Road and mountain bikes 

In addition to surf equipment, the school also have road and mountain bikes to discover the secrets of this magical Peniche-Baleal Peninsula. We also help you if you need to plan the places you should visit, but the freedom is yours !!!

Skateboards and appropriate protections

We also rent skateboards and appropriate protections (longboard, carver, standard models), informing you about which skateparks are available in Peniche and surrounding areas. However you don't have to go far, right in front of our surf school, we have a 6km bike path that connects Peniche with Baleal and as you surf your skate, you will also get to know new places.