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star inn

Star Inn surf hotel

Located in front of Cova da Alfarroba Beach and a few meters from the city center, Special Surf 78 has facilities in its partner Hotel Star inn Peniche, which is a reference hotel in the Region, due to the combination of comfort and quality, in a relaxed environment that invites you to enjoy the many outdoor activities and in direct contact with the sea.

The Hotel Star inn Peniche also features a restaurant where you can taste dishes with an aroma of the sea and delicious proposals of regional cuisine, Meeting and congress rooms in addition to free time with several options ranging from a space with snooker, surf center , indoor and outdoor pool, TV in the Bar and on the terraces for a relaxing break.

special surf 78 surfschool bocaxica

Beach bar Bocaxica surf

The School has facilities at the Bocaxica Surf beach bar, it is an emblematic place in Peniche for surfers. With a strong relationship with Special Surf 78 resulting from a partnership between friends, who, being local surfers from Peniche, recognize this place with great affection and as being of great patrimonial and environmental value.

With an excellent location, it is the perfect place right in the middle of the Peniche bay for some surf sessions, renting surf equipment and recharging your batteries with soft drinks, snacks, pizzas, hamburgers among other suggestions. It is perfect for students to relax after classes, with the opportunity to participate in barbecues and sample some of the gastronomy of the city of Peniche.

Specialsurf78 is an innovative surf school who was born in April 2011. Formed by a multidisciplinary team of teachers, technicians, therapists and psychologists linked to the areas of special education and the surf.

We are located literally "on the beach" in the middle of Peniche - Baleal Bay and also near Supertubos, the world famous beach brake where the RIP CURL PRO PORTUGAL event from WORLD SURF LEAGUE takes place. Is unanimous, Peniche is elected by surf professionals, as the spot with the best conditions for surfing, in the national panorama and one of the best in Europe because of its consistency and versatility that perfectly fits any level of surfer.

The bay Peniche - Baleal has a consistent swell and its geographical shape, allows the same beach to have small waves perfect for initiation and at the same time bigger and stronger waves for more experienced surfers. The sand is flat and long and the non-existence of rocky areas drastically reduces the likelihood of an accident risk, all over a 4 km long beach. Hence we dubbed it with special affection, such as the “Dream Bay”.

In our school, you will effectively learn to surf and have someone who will always be accompanying you with the utmost attention, correcting and encouraging throughout the lesson. A reference school in Peniche characterized by the degree of professionalism of its instructors for the technical and scientific knowledge in teaching surf.

In this way we ensure that in our classes clients will have a fun and exciting experience respecting all safety criteria, but also learning moments in improving their surfing level.

special surf 78 groups


Regarding the scheduling of lessons, the client has the freedom to choose when he wants to have lessons, can be in the morning or afternoon, the normal time is as follows:

Lessons in the morning are at 10:30 am

Lessons in the afternoon are at 15: 00h

*Lessons times may change according to tides or swell and availability of clients / groups.

Lessons dynamics and organization

Smaller group of students to promote greater interaction / monitoring between teacher / student, facilitating learning and therefore the overall quality of surf lessons.

Student groups for surf lessons are defined by the same level of learning, ie for each level of surf (beginner, intermediate, advanced) there will be a teacher.

Another factor that may determine the different formation / organization of the groups will be younger students (children) as they require special and specialized attention, in which we guarantee the learning of surfing and in a safe, controlled and comfortable context, creating conditions for the child to experience ( fearlessly) your actions in surfing.

Families will also be able to determine the formation and organization of groups, as they are more comfortable taking classes together, and it will be super fun and memorable to share this experience together.


Group lessons


July 15 to September 15

 September 16 to July 14

1 lesson



3 lessons



5 lessons



10 lessons



Private lessons:


All Year 

1 pax


2/3 pax


4 pax


Regular customers have special conditions, please contact for more information.

Adapted / inclusive surf

In addition to being known in the National and International panorama for its social mission in the fight against inequalities, special surf 78 promotes access to sport and leisure, providing the opportunity for people with cognitive and / or motor disabilities to be able to surf using the sea, the waves and the beach as a means of intervention, to develop their potentialities (surf therapy).

Specialsurf78 aims to promote the social inclusion of people with special needs, temporary or permanent, ensuring:

Equal opportunities;

Access to sport and leisure;

Health (physical and mental) / Well-being;

For regular and pontual adapted surf activities, groups or individuals, we have special prices.

Meet the staff

special surf 78 Nuno

Nuno Batalha

Owner / manager / head coach

special surf 78 Edgar

Edgar Batalha

Owner / manager / head coach

special surf 78 Agustina

Agustina franchino

Head coach