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special surf 78 groups


Our dynamics of working with groups are based on academic background, our experience as sports teachers and surf coaches. Based on didactic and pedagogical knowledge of the teaching methodology, which enhance the organization and maintenance of the safety of our students and consequently allows the optimization of learning time, promoting quality lessons, allowing students to experience the sport (surfing) without constraints and with a high success rate.

star inn hotel

The proven experience with team building companies, associations, schools, institutions, groups of friends, among others, allows us to suggest "surf and hotel" a perfect combination. In addition to surfing, groups can benefit from the charming hotel with swimming pool, meeting rooms, restaurant, among others.


According to our experience, more and more families are “launching” on the surfing adventure. Currently surfing can be adapted to anyone and in different contexts including families, as long as it is guided by professionals with quality knowledge, whether pedagogical, didactic and technical, in order to enhance the safety and quality of surf lessons.

Based on the perception of how important and significant the moments spent with the family are, our school has a specific offer based on our experience as surf coaches in the specific context of family surfing and at the same time on our academic training as education sport teachers in Portuguese public schools.

All of this contributes so that we can easily create moments and dynamics that promote the integration of the family in contact with surf, providing quality learning in a context of great relaxation, fun and desire to overcome, while guaranteeing maximum security in our surf lessons. You will always feel accompanied by surf teachers from the beginning of the lesson to the end. In the end you will definitely want to repeat the experience.

We know that for families to be able to take these lessons more than once it is essential that prices are affordable. So families can buy one pack (3, 5 or 10 lessons), and the whole family can enjoy the same pack, as if they were a single person. In addition to this advantage, depending on the number of lessons held by the family, you will be offered the possibility to rent equipment free of charge or even to have a lesson offer or discounts.

We are flexible and our mission is to make your family happy.